Grant Office Department

“Your compass in the realm of grant financing.”

The Grant Office provides CEITEC MU research teams with administrative support for filling out their applications for grant financing. These science support services include the active creation and identification of project/grant possibilities, networking, and project preparation.

You can contact the Grant Office regarding the following:

  • Do you need a consultation about your grant strategy (personal, and/or research group)?
  • Do you need support with the search for opportunities for your research plan funding?
  • Do you need support for the preparation of your applications for grant financing?
  • Do you want to ensure the filling of your application for grant funding with individual providers?

Further agenda of the Grant Office includes:

  • Preparation of contractual documents for grant funding provision
  • Education in the area of project management and preparation of grant applications (e.g., PhD School, Grants Week, specialised workshops, etc.)

Where you can find us:

You can find us at pavillion E35 in office 1S015.